Production Board Application Form

Thank you for your interest in applying for a Production Board role in RHPS @ Hoboken! Before filling out the form below, please read the following information:

Party definitions: The Production Board is a group of volunteers that represent the show and help the show form into a proper Rocky Horror Picture Show production. The Administrative Board is a separate entity that conducts the Production Board application process and represent RHPS at Hoboken, the LLC that manages the show. All positions, Production Board and Administrative Board, are unpaid.

For all Production Board positions, the term of service begins approximately one month before auditions open and ends a week after the last show of the production is complete. The time may be extended if the administrative board finds you have not completed your duties by the end date. Our current show dates will be October 18th. 19th, 25th, and 26th at 11:30PM.

There will be weekly Production Board meetings held online that are mandatory to attend unless an excusal is sent to the Administrative Board 24 hours before the meeting is held or there is an emergency. The exact time of the meeting will be determined by examining the schedule of all Production Board members and picking what time is best.

Being part of a Production Board role does not lock you out of holding any other Production Board role or performing in the show unless the position requires you to be somewhere else during the performance, such as the Lighting Manager needing to run lights while the performance is going on.

You are expected to attend all performances starting at 10PM unless an emergency occurs or you have provided a substitution that the Administrative Board approves.

If there are any questions, please contact

Production Board Roles and Responsibilities


  • Manages auditions and determines final cast

  • Manages rehearsals with actors and any other directors

  • Coordinates pre-show each night of the performance.

Head Trixie

  • Manages auditions of Trixies (dancers) and determines final Trixies

  • Manages rehearsals with Trixies

  • Creates choreography for Trixie dance at beginning of show

Audience Participation Director

  • Creates and maintains an AP script to form a basis for education

  • Holds AP rehearsals for people to learn how AP functions

  • Finds assistants to strengthen AP education and feeling during performances

Production Manager

  • Handles day to day of production, making sure rehearsals happen and happen smoothly

  • Runs Production Board meetings

  • Maintenance, creation, purchasing, and storage of set items and goody bags

Costume Manager

  • Maintenance, creation, purchasing, and storage of costumes

Properties Manager

  • Maintenance, creation, purchasing, and storage of properties (props)

Makeup Manager

  • Design makeup for show

  • Maintenance, creation, purchasing, and storage of makeup

  • Apply or assign and teach assistants how to apply makeup during performances

Public Relations Manager

  • Manage social media accounts and develop PR strategy

  • Coordinate with any artists or designers to create PR material

Lighting Manager

  • Maintenance, creation, purchasing, and storage of lighting

  • Run or assign and teach assistants how to run lights during performances

Member At Large

  • Assisting other production board members with duties as needed (making purchases, hanging fliers, etc, generally assisting during a show)

  • General purpose helpful person

  • Pick if you want to help but don’t know how


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Positions Interested In *
If you would like to apply for multiple positions, please fill out multiple forms. This is so we can get your related experience for each position.
If you don't have any, just add what you think you can bring to the table.
Please list any and all known conflicts, whether weekly or one-time.
Acknowledgement of Schedule *
I understand that if I accept a Production Board position in the RHPS at Hoboken production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I will be present at all meetings and performances unless special arrangements have been made. Should an emergency arise, I will contact the administrative board (whose information will be provided to me) to inform them of my absence. I have listed above a comprehensive list of conflicts that is true to the best of my knowledge. I have also listed correct contact information, and will be easily reached using this information.
Use of Likeness *
I understand that, if I accept a Production Board role in the RHPS at Hoboken production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I also consent to my name and likeness being used in any publication by or for RHPS at Hoboken, including but not limited to social media, Indiegogo updates, promotional material, and news media.