Audience Etiquette


Banned from Audience Props

If you are going to bring your own props, we ask you do not bring any food items or items that cause a large mess. They're awful to clean up  and can cause all sorts of critters to be attracted to the theater.  Our own bags do not contain these items, so if you want to make sure you won't get in trouble, purchase one of our bags! Purchases help support the show as well.



No Actor Harassment

Although audience participation lets you involve yourself in tons of inappropriate and fun ways, there's one golden rule about it: do not harm the actors. This includes yelling at the actors solely to antagonize them or throwing props at them directly and purposefully. As long as your intentions are to have fun and not make people feel bad or uncomfortable, you shouldn't have to worry about this rule.



Audience Participation?

During the show, you're welcome to yell out jokes, obscenities, and random nonsense you want! There will also be points during the show where you can get up and get involved. If you don't know when, follow everyone else!

Audience Props?

There are a selection of props used during certain points of the movie. You can bring your own, or buy one of our prop bags available at the show.  

A list of props and uses can be found here.